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About the Sea Cadet Corp

The Naval Sea Cadet Corps (NSCC) is for American youth ages 11-17 who have a desire to learn about the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine. Sea Cadets are authorized by the Secretary of the Navy to wear Navy uniforms appropriately marked with the Sea Cadet Corps insignia. The objectives of the Sea Cadet program are to introduce youth to naval life, to develop in them a sense of pride, patriotism, courage, and self-reliance, and to maintain an environment free of drugs and gangs.

Charlotte Division has openings available for young people who want to learn about our military, are ambitious, self-disciplined, physically motivated, and have strong academic performance. Cadets must meet all eligibility requirements including application, parent/cadet interview, medical screening, and payment of required fees to the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps (USNSCC). Note: there are no military service obligations when participating in this organization.

Our Charlotte Division is heavily cadet-run.  That means that as you advance in rank, we’ll put you in the same leadership roles that a Navy sailor would be in.  You’ll be responsible for running large parts of the unit’s operation, and will be (maybe for the first time in your life) supervising junior cadets.  Because our unit is run just like a Navy ship or reserve unit, you’ll be receiving training that only much older sailors would get.  As you progress in rank and develop your leadership skills, you'll be mentored by both senior cadets and the officers in the unit.

We are located in Charlotte, North Carolina and our cadets come from North and South Carolina. Cadets normally meet for drill one weekend per month throughout the calendar year. We generally meet at the Naval Operations Support Center, Charlotte (NOSC), however, we also hold drills and special events at offsite locations. Cadets also have the opportunity to participate in special advanced trainings and boot camps around the country during the summer months and winter holidays. Typical drill times at the NOSC are 0900-1600.

For more information about other units, or to learn more about our national programs, please visit the national NSCC website:



Our unit was started in October, 1995 and later sponsored by the Navy League of Charlotte in July, 2011. Since 1995, we have mentored hundreds of young men and women as they develop their leadership skills and prepare for college and life. Our unit is staffed by highly qualified and motivated volunteers with a variety of backgrounds, including many with military experience.

Since 1958 the Naval Sea Cadet Corps has been committed to providing American youth with a drug and alcohol free environment to foster their leadership abilities, broaden their horizons through hands-on training and guide them to becoming mature young adults.

Sea Cadet organizations exist in most of the maritime nations of the world. Recognizing the value of these organizations in educating youth in maritime matters, the Department of the Navy requested the Navy League of the United States to establish a similar program for American youth. The Navy League agreed to do so and formally established the Naval Sea Cadet Corps (NSCC) and Navy League Cadet Corps (NLCC) in 1958. Recognizing the importance and benefits of the NSCC, Congress on September 10, 1962 federally incorporated the Naval Sea Cadet Corps under Public Law 87-655 (36 USC 1541).

Today, the NSCC has formed partnerships with organizations such as the Foundation for Teaching Economics and the Flying Midshipman Association to offer cadets broader opportunities in areas of leadership and aviation. The NSCC also took an active part in the creation of the International Sea Cadet Association (ISCA). The ISCA is an association of Sea Cadet Corps' from around the world, whose main objective is to facilitate exchanges of cadets between member countries.


Division Leadership


Officers / Instructors

IMG_1290 CO.jpg

commanding officer - CO

Gary DiPasquale LTJG, NSCC

"There are only two types of ships. Submarines and targets."

Gary is a 10-year Navy veteran and a nuclear trained Machinist Mate, MM1(SS).  He attended Naval Nuclear Power School in Bainbridge, MD and Nuclear Power Prototype School in Saratoga Springs, NY.  In between school assignments, he had a short tour aboard the aircraft carrier USS Forrestal, CV-59.  After graduating "Nuke School", he served aboard the submarine tender USS Orion, AS-18 before receiving orders to the Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarine USS Tecumseh, SSBN 628.  After a 6-year tour aboard the "T-Cup", he finished out his enlistment as a certified Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor at NAS Mayport, Florida.

Born and raised just outside of Pittsburgh, Pa. he is an avid Steelers fan but has made some allowances for the Panthers.  "My biggest fear is that the Steelers and Panthers will meet in the Super Bowl.  And should the Panthers win I can at least find solace in the fact that I would not have to travel far to watch the parade.  In my Steelers gear, of course"  


executive officer - xo

Jeff Chance, ENS NSCC

Bio Being Updated


PersonNel / Administrative Officer

Pam Moss, Instructor

Operations Officer / medical officer

Greg Ratchford, ENS NSCC

supply officer

Chris McDonald, Instructor

Division / Safety Officer

Norman Shepherd, Instructor

NSCC training Officer /Advanced training Officer

Tim Bell, Instructor

NLCC Training officer

ZiadNazif, Instructor

Public Affairs / recruiting officer

Tim Bell, Instructor