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For those who want to learn the core values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment, and about Navy or Coast Guard life, and want some discipline in their life, this is an excellent program. Cadets are expected to care for themselves during the program, establishing goals and benchmarks to help them succeed in future endeavors, employment, and opportunities. 

Before prospective cadets can be admitted to the Corps, the following admission criteria must be considered:


Ages 10-13 may join League Cadets (NLCC).  

Ages 13-17, or as long as they are enrolled in high school may join Sea Cadets (NSCC).


Cadet Applicants must be enrolled in school or home schooled and have a satisfactory scholastic standing.


Physical examination

An applicant must fully and truthfully disclose his or her medical history A medical examination similar to a high school sports physical is required for all cadet applicants to the Naval Sea Cadet Corps (NSCC) or Navy League Cadet Corps (NLCC) and must be performed by a licensed medical practitioner. No one will be denied admission to the NSCC/NLCC due to a medical disability.  The USNSCC requires all potential cadets to submit a current record of all immunizations, on any form provided by the family physician or state department of public health.


Applicants must be a United States Citizen or Permanent Legal Resident.

They must possess good moral character, be unmarried, not pregnant, and drug, felony, and misdemeanor free.

drill attendance

Cadets are required to attend a minimum of
75% of scheduled drills.



Enrollment fees are $240.00 for the first year and $95.00 each year thereafter.  Fees are payable to the Charlotte Division USNSCC.  Fees include:

  • Enrollment in USNSCC/USNLCC

  • Uniform Flashes,

  • Name Tapes,

  • Uniform Lease (as available at our unit)

Note: You will have to purchase your own PT gear, dress shoes, and boots.


Cadet Applicants must be able to accept discipline as a personal challenge leading to advancement and leadership opportunities.



Cadets are expected to work diligently to learn NSCC Regulations, the unit’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Basic Military Requirements (BMR), attend Recruit Training (Boot Camp), earn promotions, and participate in most unit activities.

*This program is NOT for everyone. Those who join thinking it's playing "dress-up" in sailor suits, or join to lose weight, or join because parents or others force them into it, generally don't stay long. This is not a weekend camp or childcare service…

Yes, our expectations are high! For those who are willing to make the commitment,
however, there is an exciting, challenging, and adventurous voyage waiting for you!


STEP 1:  Submit an Orientation Request below.  You will then be contacted to set up a time for an interview with the Commanding Officer (CO).  The CO interviews the prospective cadet and parents and, in turn, you get to interview the CO.  This program isn't for everyone and it is good to find that out at the very beginning.  Being in the Sea Cadet Corp is not just “something to do” on the weekend.  It takes a level of commitment and dedication that most young people don’t understand and often fail to achieve. The interview is also designed to give you an overview of the Sea Cadet program, costs associated with participation, cadet training opportunities, and upcoming events in the Charlotte Division. You are then invited to come and observe what we do at drill (orientation).   You will have an opportunity to ask as many questions as necessary and you will also get a chance to meet with other cadets and adult staff and ask them any questions you may have regarding participation in the program.  Your attendance at orientation is for your benefit in making an informed decision and in no way obligates you to participate in the program.    

You can get a preview of the program by watching the Sea Cadet Video here!

STEP 2:  Attend Orientation.  You can get started the day of Orientation or you can take some time to think about it.  You will not be required to make a decision right away.

STEP 3:  Follow the instructions included in your application packet to complete and submit your application and enrollment fee.


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